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Table 2 Proposed structures carrying Sialyl T and Sialyl Lea/x associated epitopes found in KLM3 urinary sample

From: Identification of Monosialylated N-glycoforms in the CDG Urinome by Ion Mobility Tandem Mass Spectrometry: The Potential for Clinical Applications

  1. aSymbolic presentation of glycoconjugate structures, where figures represent monosaccharides: ■ (GlcNAc), □ (GalNAc), (Gal), (Man), (NeuAc), (Fuc). Glycosidic linkages are schematically presented by differently oriented lines: ― (1–4), / (1–3), \ (1–6) and | (1–2). For undefined type of glycosidic linkage dotted line was used.
  2. bCalculated molecular weight of the proposed composition.