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Fig. 5

From: Differential Plasma Glycoproteome of p19ARF Skin Cancer Mouse Model Using the Corra Label-Free LC-MS Proteomics Platform

Fig. 5

Protein–protein interaction map constructed from the proteins identified by targeted MS/MS, using inferred human protein orthologs and the protein interaction database HRPD. Proteins that were observed with increased abundance in cancer are represented by red circles, those observed to decrease in abundance by green circles. Increased circle size represents higher observed ProteinProphet probability, and increased fold-change observed with Corra is represented by a darker hue. White squares represent proteins identified in only cancer mice, with increased box size again indicative of higher ProteinProphet probability. Inferred proteins, observed to interact with identified proteins according to the HRPD database, but not observed in the MS/MS data, are represented by smaller dotted circles and were added to the network to connect more nodes together. The GO biological processes for which those proteins are involved are indicated by yellow rectangles

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