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Figure 5

From: Identification of a seven glycopeptide signature for malignant pleural mesothelioma in human serum by selected reaction monitoring

Figure 5

ROC curves of the seven glycopeptide MPM signature. Discrimination between MPM and HD (A) and MPM and NSCLC (B) using the SRM-based seven glycopeptide signature or using mesothelin ELISA. Parameterization of the seven glycopeptide signature was performed in a sub-training set (12 MPM, 14 HD and 14 NSCLC) and applied to a sub-validation set (11 MPM, 12 HD and 12 NSCLC) of the group of 75 subjects for which mesothelin ELISA (Mesomark®) measurements were available. Reported are AUCs for the seven glycopeptide signature (blue line) and mesothelin ELISA (red line) in the sub-validation set. Accuracy of the seven glycopeptide signature is at cut-off 0.5 for MPM vs HD and 0.6 for MPM vs NSCLC. Accuracy for mesothelin ELISA is at 2 nM cut-off. CI indicates a 95% confidence interval.

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