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Figure 3

From: Potential tumor biomarkers identified in ovarian cyst fluid by quantitative proteomic analysis, iTRAQ

Figure 3

Immunoblot validation of SAA4 and ASTL in 68 cyst fluid samples with mixed histology. Protein concentration in cyst fluid in benign, stage I-II, and stage III-IV for A) SAA4, malignant samples displayed a significantly higher expression than benign (p=0.001). B) ASTL, significantly increased expression in malignant samples (p=0.003) were in contrast to the iTRAQ results. C) Total protein, significantly higher in the malignant cohort compared to the benign (p=0.02). D) Immunoblot expression SAA4 and ASTL in cyst fluid and plasma. In plasma there was no significant difference between benign and malignant samples for either SAA4 nor ASTL.

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