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Table 1 Targeted human plasma metabolites identified in monophasic and biphasic deproteinizations

From: Technology platform development for targeted plasma metabolites in human heart failure

Metabolite name Accesion # Monophasic Biphasic
1:3 Methanol 1:3 Ethanol 1:9 Methanol 1:9 Ethanol Methanol/Chloroform Ethanol/Chloroform
Hexanoic acid HMDB00535 x     x x
Succinate HMDB00254      x  
Hypoxanthine HMDB00157    x x   
L-lysine HMDB00182   x     
Uric acid HMDB00289 x      
L-Arginine HMDB00517   x     
Dodecanoic acid HMDB00638 x x    x x
Palmitatic acid HMDB00220 x x x x x x
Linoleatic acid HMDB00673 x x x x x x
Stearic acid HMDB00827 x x x x x x