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Table 3 Details of Ingenuity Pathways Analysis (IPA) of top ten canonical pathways

From: Characterizing the normal proteome of human ciliary body

Enriched pathways P-value Ratio
Ubiquitination pathway 2.01E-14 94/263
tRNA charging 2.63E-14 28/38
EIF2 signaling 3.36E-12 68/182
Glycolysis I 1.2E-11 19/23
Gluconeogenesis 4.84E-11 19/24
Valine degradation 5.96E-11 16/18
Ethanol degradation 2.32 E-10 21/30
Caveolar mediated endocytosis signaling 7.56 E-10 35/81
Integrin signaling 1.23 E-09 68/205
TCA cycle 3.32 E-09 17/23