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Table 1 Types of mass analyzers

From: Mass spectrometry-based analysis of glycoproteins and its clinical applications in cancer biomarker discovery

 Mass analyzer  Sampling  Separation  Typical resolution Mass accuracy      Tandem mass spectrometry
Quadrupole Continuous ion beam Trajectory stability 2,000 100 ppm Triple quadrupoles: CID (precursor ion scan, product ion scan, neutral loss) Low energy collision
Ion trap Continuous ion beam Frequency 4,000 100 ppm CID MSn, ETD, ECD Low energy collision
TOF Pulsed ion beam Flight time 10 000 10 ppm for reflection TOF TOF/TOF: CID High energy collision
Q-TOF: CID Low energy collision
Orbitrap Pulsed ion beam Frequency 100,000 <5 ppm CID, HCD, ETD Low energy collision
FT-ICR Pulsed ion beam Frequency 105-106 <5 ppm SORI-CID, ECD, IRMPD, EDD Low energy collision