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Figure 4

From: Proteomic profile of pre - B2 lymphoblasts from children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in relation with the translocation (12; 21)

Figure 4

Principal components analysis of spots with differential expression (student t test, t < 0.01), in lymphoblasts from pre-B2 ALL children, depending on the presence or absence of the translocation t(12; 21). Results were obtained with Progenesis SameSpotsV4. Left dotes () are t(12;21) pre B2 ALLs patients (n = 6); Right dotes (▲) are other karyotype abnormalities in pre B2 ALLs patients (n = 7) (see comments below). A/ Spots differentially expressed with student t test value: p > 0.01 and p ≤ 0.05 (n = 15); B/ Spots differentially expressed with p ≤ 0.01(n = 11). Names close to dotes are identification badge of patients listed in Table 1.

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