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Table 1 Selected proteins showing increased relative abundance in OPML tissue compared to healthy

From: Evaluating the potential of a novel oral lesion exudate collection method coupled with mass spectrometry-based proteomics for oral cancer biomarker discovery

Protein Quantitative ratio1 P value1 Evidence of association with OPML and/or epithelial inflammation
hnRNPM 8.00 0.091 RNA binding, splicing and inflammation signaling; increased abundance of hnRNPs has been measured in OPML tissue 17
IL1F6 22.00 0.016 Cytokine involved in inflammation and immune response; increases in abundance in inflamed epithelial tissues 24; 25
LCN2 4.00 0.021 Iron transporter involved in immune response and apoptosis; activated in inflammatory and pre-malignant tissues 26; 27
S100A8 2.02 0.088 Calcium binder and pro-inflammatory factor; increases in abundance in OPML tissue 18
NQO1 10.00 0.050 Quinone reductase; induced under inflammatory conditions 28
XRCC5/6 4.00/8.00 0.016/0.001 Protein complex involved in DNA repair; DNA damage response proteins known to be activated in OPML 19 and other dysplastic epithelial lesions 29
  1. 1Quantitative values and P values determined as described in Experimental Methods