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Table 2 Comparison between phosphorylation sites and O-GlcNAcylation sites

From: Morphological changes in diabetic kidney are associated with increased O-GlcNAcylation of cytoskeletal proteins including α-actinin 4

Protein Phosphorylation sites O-GlcNAcylation sites
actin S35, S20127 S54, S157, S201, S234, S37026
α-actinin 4 Y265, S423, S621, K625, T66727, 30 S262, S269, T612, S613, S656*
α-tubulin Y103, Y224, S232, Y272, T33435, 36 S6, S158, S178, T271, S419**
myosin heavy chain Y389, Y410, S949, S1038, Y1375 Y1415, Y1852, S1956, T196039, 40 S172, S179, S196, S392, S622, S626, S643, S644, S749, S880, S1038, S1102, S1148, S1159, S1189, S1200, S1299, S1308, S1336, S1470, S1471, S1596, S1597, S1600, S1606, S1710, S1711, S1777, S191626
  1. Boldface type indicates the site at which O-GlcNAcylation and O-phosphorylation compete or their respective sites that are close to each other.
  2. * Predicted by YinOYang1.2 prediction server
  3. * * Predicted by dbOGAP prediction server