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Figure 1

From: Desmin expression in colorectal cancer stroma correlates with advanced stage disease and marks angiogenic microvessels

Figure 1

Scarce labelling 2D DIGE on protein from laser microdissected tissue. A, fixed and stained tumor tissue section (LHS), arrow points to malignant epithelial glands, unfixed and unstained section prior to LMD (centre), and after LMD (RHS). B, a scanned gel image of Cy5-labelled tumor protein with the circled proteins identified as significantly over-expressed in tumor versus matched normal mucosa across the 4 pairs (DeCyderâ„¢). Spot 1, identified by MS/MS as desmin shows an apparent molecular weight (MW) of 53 kDa, and isoelectric point (pI) of 5.21.

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