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Table 1 Potential functions of human ADAMs*

From: The ADAMs family of proteases: new biomarkers and therapeutic targets for cancer?

ADAM Function/potential function
Proteolytically inactive  
ADAM2 Sperm-egg fusion
ADAM7 Sperm maturation
ADAM11 Integrin ligand, neural adhesion, tumour suppressor
ADAM18 Oocyte recognition
ADAM22 Adhesion
ADAM23 Tumour suppressor
ADAM29 Unknown
Proteolytically active*  
ADAM8 Shedding of adhesion molecules, leukocyte receptors, neutrophil infiltration, osteoclast stimulation
ADAM9 α-secretase activity, cellular adhesion
ADAM10 α-secretase activity, shedding of TNF α, EGF, betacellulin, HER2, Notch, and collagen IV, cellular adhesion
ADAM12 Cellular adhesion, shedding of HB-EGF
ADAM15 Cellular adhesion
ADAM17 Release of several growth factor ligands, e.g., TNF-alpha and specific EGFR/HER ligands, cellular adhesion
ADAM19 Unknown
ADAM28 Shedding of IGFBP3
ADAM33 Involved in pathogenesis of gastric cancer via IL-18 secretion
  1. *These functions have been reviewed in detail in refs [15].
  2. LPL; lipoprotein lipase, CLL; chronic lymphocytic leukemia, TNFα; tumour necrosis factor-alpha, EGF; epidermal growth factor, HB-EGF; heparin -binding-EGF, IGFBP3; insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 3, IL-18; interleukin-18