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Figure 4

From: Unique and differential protein signatures within the mononuclear cells of HIV-1 and HCV mono-infected and co-infected patients

Figure 4

Normalized mRNA levels of Gelsolin , HSP-90beta , Profilin-1 , Rho-GDI-1 , CBP2 and STIP-1 obtained by Real-Time PCR. The results were plotted as discrete plots that display individual normalized mRNA levels, represented by the symbols for control (squares), HIV-1+ (triangles), HCV+ (lozenges) and HIV-1+/HCV+ (dots) groups. The black dashes represent the median calculated for each group. The data represents one of the two independent experiments performed in duplicate for each experiment. Statistical significance is demonstrated by p < 0.05 or p < 0.01. Non-significant p values were represented as n.s.

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