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Figure 2

From: Serum biomarkers of Burkholderia mallei infection elucidated by proteomic imaging of skin and lung abscesses

Figure 2

Histopathology and imaging of B. mallei infection in the lung of a Chlorocebus aethiops monkey. Tissues were collected at the time of death. (A) Histological image (H&E stain) of infected lung tissue. (B) Immunohistochemistry using B. mallei-specific antibody to visualize bacteria. (C) Collection of ion intensity maps, spatial resolution of 75 μm, localized to site of infection. Signal intensity images are presented as a blue (lowest) to red (highest). (D) Mass spectrum extracted from the inflammatory abscess (R1-Blue) overlaid with the mass spectrum from two background regions (R2-Red and R3-Green) normalized to total ion current. The ion 1325.6 m/z is more abundant in the abscess compared to the background.

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