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Table 3 Tukey-honest significant differences post-hoc test for Bio-Plex data [Stage specific (A-D)] and healthy unaffected control (group E)

From: A novel multiplexed immunoassay identifies CEA, IL-8 and prolactin as prospective markers for Dukes’ stages A-D colorectal cancers

Candidate Biomarker Comparison Adjusted p-value Previous studies referencing CRC association
IL-8 D/E 6.00E-05 [44,47]
  A/E 6.00E-03  
  B/E 2.00E-03  
PDGF-BB D/E 2.00E-07 [22,55]
  D/A 4.00E-03  
CCL2 D/E 5.00E-04 [61-63]
IFNG D/E 0.002 [63]
IL-4 D/E 0.004 [64]
CCL3 D/E 0.004 [65]