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Table 1 Enriched pathways in OA chondrocytes

From: Comparative proteomic analysis of hypertrophic chondrocytes in osteoarthritis

PathwayName Gene Names AdjP-value
General metabolism and cellular processes
Parkin-Ubiquitin Proteasomal System pathway TUBA1C PSMD4 HSPA1A PSMD2 PSMD6 HSPA2 PSMC1 TUBB adjP = 1.47e-07
Translation Factors EIF3E EIF4A1 EEF1G EEF1A1 EEF2 EIF3B EEF1D adjP = 2.60e-07
Electron Transport Chain ATP5B COX6C SLC25A5 UQCRFS1 NDUFB4 ATP5A1 adjP = 0.0001
Cytoplasmic Ribosomal Proteins RPL8 RPLP0 RPL35A RPL23 RPL10 RPL27 adjP = 8.18e-05
Proteasome Degradation PSMD4 PSMD2 PSMD6 PSMC1 adjP = 0.0018
TCA Cycle SUCLA2 IDH3G DLST adjP = 0.0007
Oxidative phosphorylation ATP5B NDUFB4 ATP5A1 adjP = 0.0098
Adhesion, cytoskeleton remodeling, cell-cell & cell-matrix interactions, endocytosis
Focal Adhesion ACTG1 RAC1 RAP1B FLNA VASP MAPK1 PDGFRB CAPN1 adjP = 8.18e-05
Regulation of Actin Cytoskeleton ACTG1 IQGAP1 RAC1 ENAH GSN PFN1 MAPK1 PDGFRB adjP = 3.12e-05
Integrin-mediated cell adhesion RAC1 RAP1B CAPN2 VASP MAPK1 CAPN1 adjP = 0.0001
Synaptic Vesicle Pathway AP2A2 AP2A1 CLTC AP2B1 NAPA adjP = 8.74e-05
G13 Signaling Pathway IQGAP1 RAC1 PFN1 adjP = 0.0034
TOR signaling RAC1 RRAGC PRKAG1 adjP = 0.0032
Senescence and Autophagy GSN MMP14 CD44 MAPK1 adjP = 0.0100
Signaling pathways
EGF-EGFR Signaling Pathway GJA1 IQGAP1 RAC1 HGS AP2A1 AP2B1 MAPK1 adjP = 0.0003
TGF beta Signaling Pathway RAC1 HGS TRAP1 SPTBN1 SKP1 MAPK1 PRKAR2A adjP = 0.0001
TNF alpha Signaling Pathway RAC1 PSMD2 TRAP1 BAX SKP1 HSP90AA1 MAPK1 adjP = 2.36e-05
MAPK signaling pathway RAC1 RAP1B FLNA MAPK1 PDGFRB adjP = 0.0058
Wnt Signaling Pathway GJA1 RAC1 CTNNB1 adjP = 0.0063
Corticotropin-releasing hormone GJA1 RAP1B GNB2 GNAS CTNNB1 HSP90AA1 MAPK1 GNAI2 adjP = 6.10e-06
Androgen receptor signaling pathway RAC1 FHL2 FLNA CTNNB1 CARM1 adjP = 0.0007
TSH signaling pathway RAP1B GNAS MAPK1 GNAI2 adjP = 0.0021
TWEAK Signaling Pathway RAC1 CTNNB1 MAPK1 adjP = 0.0083
RANKL-RANK Signaling Pathway RAC1 FHL2 MAPK1 adjP = 0.0121
Lipid metabolism, eicosanoid metabolism, oxidative stress
metapathway biotransformation CYP20A1 GSTT1 GSTP1 GSTK1 GPX4 CYP1B1 EPHX1 adjP = 0.0003
cytochrome P450 CYP20A1 CYB5R1 CYP1B1 CYB5R3 adjP = 0.0018
Fatty Acid Beta Oxidation CHKB SLC25A20 DECR1 adjP = 0.0148
Prostaglandin Synthesis and Regulation ANXA6 ANXA1 ANXA2 adjP = 0.0023
Glutathione metabolism GSTT1 GPX4 adjP = 0.0150
  1. Differently synthesized proteins in OA chondrocytes were subjected to pathway analysis, by querying the Wikipathways database, using the WebGestalt web tool. Enriched pathways are grouped into four categories based on the biological processes participating. Proteins assigned to each pathway are listed in “gene names” column. AdjP-value corresponds to p-value adjusted by the multiple test adjustment, during enrichment test.