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Fig. 4

From: Mass spectrometry-based analyses showing the effects of secretor and blood group status on salivary N-glycosylation

Fig. 4

Selection of salivary samples for the N-glycosite profiling experiments. Salivas from 20 donors were screened for blood group and selectin ligand (MECA-79) expression. Samples that were representative of secretors (S) and nonsecretors (NS) were chosen. a Glycoproteins in the “S” sample reacted with antibodies that were specific for many blood group determinants: A, B, Lea, Leb, Ley. Secretors tended to have low MECA-79 immunoreactivity as was the case with this donor. Glycoprotein expression of blood group determinants in the “NS” sample was limited to Lea (a). Nonsecretors tended to have high MECA-79 immunoreactivity as exemplified by this donor. b The SDS-PAGE banding patterns of the donor salivas stained with Coomassie blue and Alcian silver (left and right, respectively) were similar to those of the salivas analyzed in the initial screen (see Fig. 1a). c Lectin blotting showed different patterns of reactivity among the samples

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