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Fig. 8

From: Mass spectrometry-based analyses showing the effects of secretor and blood group status on salivary N-glycosylation

Fig. 8

Glycan profiles of nonsecretors vs. secretors for parotid (a and b) and SMSL (c and d) salivas. N-linked oligosaccharides were released by PNGase F digestion and analyzed by MALDI MS. Putative structures of several glycans that were detected are shown. Overall, both salivas contained high mannose and hybrid bi- and tri-antennary structures. Higher levels of fucosylation, consistent with the presence of blood group H-antigen structure (marked with black stars), were observed in the secretor samples. SMSL glycans had a higher level of fucosylation as compared to those observed in parotid saliva. Monoisotopic masses of detected glycans and their structure assignments are listed in Additional file 7: Table S2. Monosaccharides are indicated using symbols defined by the Consortium for Functional Glycomics [61]

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