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Fig. 1 | Clinical Proteomics

Fig. 1

From: Clinical proteomics of enervated neurons

Fig. 1

A representative diagram of the paradigm adopted by our laboratory in neurodegeneration research. Starting with Alzheimer’s disease, in proteomics domain, we found out the interacting partners of AICD in CSF and AICD-transfected human and mouse cell lines. Twenty novel AICD interactors were found in mouse neuroblastoma cells. The study was further followed up in human CSF, where differentially expressed AICD interactors were found out. Finally, differential expression of AICD interactors were studied in human and mouse neuroblastoma. Moving forward to spinal cord injury, we looked at differentially abundant proteins in the CSF of SCI patients with different severity grades of injury. An interaction network was created using the proteins found in the CSF of AIS grade A injury and modularization of the same revealed a number of perturbed pathways. Finding putative disease markers for the rather evasive successful marker hunting in neuromyelitis optica remains a future perspective

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