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Fig. 4

From: Phosphotyrosine profiling of curcumin-induced signaling

Fig. 4

Curcumin regulated phosphoproteome. a Representative MS spectra of phosphorylated kinases/phosphatases. a i, iii, phosphorylation of peptides on kinases (AXL and FRK); a ii, iv phosphatases (PPP1CA and PTPRK) was differentially phosphorylated as evidenced by MS spectra showing the changes in the relative abundance of phosphopeptides. b Proteins identified to be differentially phosphorylated upon curcumin treatment from our mass spectrometry data were validated by Western blot using anti-phospho antibodies for pEPHA2 (Y772) and pMAPK1/MAPK3 (T202/Y204). Total expression was probed using anti-EPHA2 and anti-MAPK1/MAPK3

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