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Fig. 4

From: N-glycosylation proteome enrichment analysis in kidney reveals differences between diabetic mouse models

Fig. 4

Shared top IPA network but with differences in protein regulation. a The IPA top-rated network for the STZ mouse model and b the db/db model. The fold change in the diabetic compared to the healthy control mice is illustrated with green indicating reduced levels and red indicating increased levels in the diabetic mice. In IPA, the total 505 and 395 proteins from the STZ and db/db mouse models respectively were included and several of the proteins in the top rated networks were identified in both mouse models. Of those proteins, some had opposite regulation in the two mouse models, although the difference in fold-change was too small to be significant in combination with low power due to low sample number; STZ, n = 6 in each group and db/db, n = 5 in each group

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