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Fig. 5

From: OLFM4, KNG1 and Sec24C identified by proteomics and immunohistochemistry as potential markers of early colorectal cancer stages

Fig. 5

GEXC meta-analysis of OLFM4, Sec24C and KNG1. a Graphical representation of the Probeset meta profile obtained for each transcript. The Y axis represents the expression level (normalised in log2 scale) with an histogram graph illustrating the distribution of the gene expression within the colour gradient spread over the whole distribution of the transcript calculated with the patient data set included. The colour bar gradient displays the gene expression activity and the distribution of percentiles (down regulated in blue, upregulated in red). b Absolute gene expression of OLFM4, Sec24C and KNG1: each model is figured by boxes and connecting lines representing the biological context and relationships among populations of patients. A population contains several microarray data. “Tumor” contains colorectal adenocarcinoma data (stage non specified), “normal” contains the matched normal colon data, “HC” refers to healthy control data (obtained using colon tissue), stage 1–4 refer to the CRC dataset with the corresponding stages. c Number of replicates included into the considered populations and the distributions of the specific protein expression levels within the evaluated models. HC healthy control, GEO gene expression omnibus

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