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Table 3 Proteins that are significantly increased in systemic circulation 5 min after plaque disruption

From: A novel workflow combining plaque imaging, plaque and plasma proteomics identifies biomarkers of human coronary atherosclerotic plaque disruption

Uniprot accession number Protein name Maximum fold change ANOVA P value Enriched in plaque
P08758 Annexin A5 2.41 0.0143 Yes
P18428 Lipopolysaccharide binding protein 1.75 0.0159 Yes
P63241 Eukaryotic translation initiation factors 2.28 0.0218 Yes
O75558 Syntaxin 11 3.04 0.0222 Yes
P00387 Cytochrome B5 reductase 3 3.88 0.0401 Yes
Q9UIB8 CD84 7.18 0.0486 No
  1. We detected 491 proteins in these plasma samples with a false discovery rate of less than 1%. After exclusion of plasma proteins that were significantly changed in the control group (those who underwent diagnostic angiography only), we identified six plasma proteins that were significantly elevated (P < 0.05) at 5 min after plaque disruption. These were cross referenced against the plaque protein library determined from plaque debris. Five of these proteins were also present in plaque debris