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Table 1 The filtering of MS/MS to peptide correlations by the X!TANDEM algorithm. The LC–ESI–MS/MS results from X!TANDEM were parsed into an SQL Server database and a complex key or SHA1-HASH algorithm was used to create a non-redundant list of the best fit MS/MS to peptides in terms of charge state and amino acid sequence

From: The proteins cleaved by endogenous tryptic proteases in normal EDTA plasma by C18 collection of peptides for liquid chromatography micro electrospray ionization and tandem mass spectrometry

Unique MS/MS Spectra > 1000 counts 583,927
Correlations from X!TANDEM No Filter 181,962
Correlations to BestCharge state + 2 or + 3 181,032
Correlation to Best Peptide P value 94,669
Correlations to Protein greater ≥ 5 counts 28,580
Correlations to Gene Symbol ≥ 5 counts 7174
Distinct Gene Symbol from R 733
STRING Gene Symbols in Network 660
X!TANDEM Filter 2 ≥ 510
  1. The R data analysis system was used to determine the non-redundant list of Gene Symbols with five or more counts