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Table 1 The summary of the total number of peptide correlations and the number of protein accession numbers detected from a total of 563,095 MS/MS spectra from human EDTA plasma from the sum of MASCOT, OMSSA, X!TANDEM and SEQUEST against a library of 158,072 human protein accessions with respect to filter conditions in an SQL Server Database

From: Random and independent sampling of endogenous tryptic peptides from normal human EDTA plasma by liquid chromatography micro electrospray ionization and tandem mass spectrometry

Filter Total correlations Number of protein accessions
All 5,414,868 401,960
Filter 0 3,788,530 150,678
Filter 1 833,029 125,641
Filter 2 793,309 125,641
Filter 2 729,533 81,276
≥ 3 peptides
Per accession
  1. The results of 170 samples collected and maintained ice cold or preserved (82) versus samples incubated at room temperature for up to 72 h (88) prior to C18 solid phase extraction and micro LC–ESI–MS/MS with a linear ion trap are shown