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Table 2 Summary of commercial available antibody microarrays from different companies, Type G (Glass), M (Membrane)

From: Current applications of antibody microarrays

Provider Ab microarray category Type Max number of abs Major focus
Raybio 215 G/M 400 Immune response, cytokines, cancer, signalling
Full moon 43 G 1358 Signalling, cancer biomarker, cytokines
Abnova 39 G/M 247 Signalling, cytokines
R&D 20 M 105 Signalling, cytokines, functional assay, proteomic profile
Abcam 14 M 400 Signalling, cytokines, functional assay, biomarker
MyBiosource 4 G 656 Signalling, proteomic profile
Hypromatrix 3 M 400 Signalling, functional assay
Panorama 2 G 112 Gene regulation, signalling
Arrayit 1 G 380 Plasma protein
Kinex™ 1 G 878 Signalling