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TableĀ 4 Membrane proteins identified my LCMS/MS in control rats, their accession number and classifications

From: Proteomics identification of radiation-induced changes of membrane proteins in the rat model of arteriovenous malformation in pursuit of targets for brain AVM molecular therapy

Protein name Uniprot accession # Membrane protein classification Protein name Uniprot accession # Membrane protein classification
Annexin A2 P07356 Extracellular matrix GTPase P20171 Lipid anchor
Annexin A1 P10107 = Serine protease inhibitor P27958 Single pass type 1
Collagen alpha 1 P02454 = Alpha 1 inhibitor3 P10824 Peripheral
Lumican P51886 = Annexin 5 P14668 Extracellular matrix
Collagen alpha 2 P08123 = Vesicle associated memb.prot.3 P63035 Single pass type IV
Neuromodulin Q63751 = Fibroblast growth factor 16 P13109 Extracellular matrix
Decorin Q01129 = Prolargin Q9EQP5 =
Regulating synaptic membrane exocytosis protein Q9JIR4 Peripheral Biglycan P47853 =
Ig gamma 2A chain P01865 Single pass Alpha 1 macroglobulin P06238 =
ATP synthase subunit alpha P10719 Peripheral Alpha actinin 4 P57780 =
Serotransferrin P12346 Basement Jouberin Q6DTM3 =
Heat shock 75 P48721 Extracellular Beta defensin 15 Q322H6 =
PKHD domain containing transmembrane protein C1 Q6T3A5 Transmembrane Plasma kallikrein P14272 =