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Table 2 Protein sequences of MCR-1, MCR-2, MCR-3 and MCR-4 and their variants used for peptidomic analysis

From: Rapid detection of colistin resistance protein MCR-1 by LC–MS/MS

MCR-1 and variants Other MCR variants
Protein name NCBI accession* Mutation Protein NCBI accession*
MCR-1 WP_049589868.1   MCR-2 WP_065419574.1
MCR-1 family WP_072652801.1 H466N MCR-2.1 WP_078254299.1
MCR-1 family WP_076604686.1 W8C MCR-3 WP_094313523.1
MCR-1 family WP_065203556.1 N311K, L326S, I323F MCR-3.9 AST36144.1
MCR-1.2 WP_065274078.1 Q3L MCR-3.7 AST36141.1
MCR-1.3 WP_077064885.1 I38V MCR-3.8 AST36143.1
MCR-1.4 WP_076611062.1 D440N MCR-3.6 AST36140.1
MCR-1.5 WP_076611061.1 H452Y MCR-3.5 ATP60693.1
MCR-1.6 WP_077248208.1 R536H MCR-4 ASR73329.1
MCR-1.7 WP_085562392.1 A215T   
MCR-1.8 WP_085562407.1 Q3R   
MCR-1’ APY22148.1 missing 1M   
  1. *NCBI accession and protein names in NCBI (Current as of 3/10/18)