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TableĀ 1 The clinical features of ESCC patients for mass spectrometry

From: Identification of prothymosin alpha (PTMA) as a biomarker for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) by label-free quantitative proteomics and Quantitative Dot Blot (QDB)

No. Gender Age Organ/anatomic site Grade TNM
1 Male 69 Mid-thoracic esophagus II T2N0MO
2 Male 61 esophagus I T1N0M0
3 Male 59 Middle-lower esophagus II T1N0M0
4 Male 52 Mid-thoracic esophagus III T3N0M0
5 Male 64 Middle segment of esophagus II T2N1M1