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Fig. 4

From: Quantitative proteomic analysis of prostate tissue specimens identifies deregulated protein complexes in primary prostate cancer

Fig. 4

CORUM protein complexes differentially expressed between the N, LG, and HG groups. a Comparison of the N and LG groups. b Comparison of the N and HG groups. c Comparison of the LG and HG groups. The upper panels show the volcano plots of all the 852 quantified CORUM protein complexes. The lower panels show the boxplots for the most dramatically changed protein complexes in each comparison, which were indicated by arrows in the corresponding volcano plots. Here, the abbreviations N, LG, HG, n.s. stand for normal prostate, low-grade PCa, high-grade PCa, and not significant, respectively. In the boxplots, **, *, and n.s. stand for p < 0.01, 0.01 ≤ p < 0.05, and p ≥ 0.05, respectively

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