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Fig. 6

From: Quantitative proteomic analysis of prostate tissue specimens identifies deregulated protein complexes in primary prostate cancer

Fig. 6

Identification of differentially associated CORUM protein complexes. The Fisher z-score transformation was performed on the Spearman’s rank-order correlation of proteins within each complex, in order to stabilize the variance of sample correlation coefficients. a Density plot of the mean z scores for the 475 CORUM protein complexes in N, LG, and HG samples. b Representative examples for the determination of p and q values corresponding to observed mean z score differences. Each peak shows the distribution of 10,000 mean z score differences between two sets of eight randomly selected samples. c Volcano plots showing mean z score differences plotted against negative log10-transformed p values for the 475 CORUM protein complexes. Here, the abbreviations N, LG, and HG stand for normal prostate, low-grade PCa, and high-grade PCa, respectively

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