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Fig. 1

From: Stage-associated differences in the serum N- and O-glycan profiles of patients with non-small cell lung cancer

Fig. 1

The glycopatterns of serum glycoproteins from NSCLC patients and healthy controls using the lectin microarrays. a The glycopatterns of Cy3-labeled serum proteins from Stage I/II adenocarcinoma, Stage III adenocarcinoma, Stage IV adenocarcinoma, Stage I/II SCC, Stage III SCC, Stage IV SCC and healthy controls bound to the lectin microarrays. A block of the slide with 3 replicates of 37 lectins was shown. Lectins showing the difference between adenocarcinoma and control were marked with white frames; lectins showing the difference between SCC and control were marked with yellow frames; and compared with control group, lectins showing the difference in both adenocarcinoma and SCC groups were marked with red frames. b Heat map and hierarchical clustering analysis of the normalized data of 37 lectins in the 7 groups. The groups were listed in columns, and the lectins were listed in rows. The color and intensity of each square indicated lectin signals relative to other groups in the row. Red, high; green, low; black, medium

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