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Table 4 Multiplexed quantitative antibody array repeatability

From: Discovering endometriosis biomarkers with multiplex cytokine arrays

Sample code Logit Prediction True diagnosis
NS76 7.860 E E
NS62 2.744 E E
NS74 2.450 E E
NS101 2.154 E E
NS65 1.760 C C
NS054 − 0.386 C C
  1. Logit cutoff = 1.982; E endometriosis, C control
  2. When the Logit cutoff was 1.982, 14 marker panel can give an overall 87.5% accuracy in the training set. If Logit was bigger than 1.982, the sample was predicted as endometriosis; Otherwise, it was predicted as control. The results from Table 1 showed all the six samples were predicted correctly; which strongly demonstrated the Quantibody array reliability and repeatability