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Fig. 6

From: iTRAQ and PRM-based quantitative proteomics in early recurrent spontaneous abortion: biomarkers discovery

Fig. 6

GO functional enrichment analysis in case_vs_control group. The abscissa in the graph show enrichment to GO function classification, which divided into a biological process (BP), molecular function (MF) and cellular components (CC) three categories; The ordinate represents the number of different proteins under each functional classification; The color of the bar chart represents the significance of enriched GO functional classification, that is, based on Fisher’s exact test to calculate the P value. The color gradient represents the size of P value. The color changes from orange to red. The label at the top of the bar chart shows the enrichment factor (richFactor ≤ 1), which represents the proportion of the number of differentially expressed proteins annotated into a GO function category to the number of all identified proteins annotated into the GO function category

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