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Fig. 3

From: Matrisome analysis of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma unveils a peculiar cancer-associated extracellular matrix structure

Fig. 3

COL3A1, PRG2 and PRG4 expression in NCT and iCCA tissues (N = 9). Representative images of immunohistochemistry for COL3A1, PRG2 and PRG4 in NCT and iCCA histological sections. To increase the detection levels, the IHC analysis of COL3A1 (a, b) and proteoglycans (c, d) has been performed on intact and decellularized (dec) tissues. Original magnification = ×20 (a, d) and ×40 (b, c). Semi-Quantitative data (Median) are shown in the heat map (e) according to the following scoring system: 0 = < 10%; 1 = 10–30%; 2 = 31–50%; 3 = > 50%. At least 5 non-overlapping field at ×20 were analysed

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