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Fig. 5

From: Matrisome analysis of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma unveils a peculiar cancer-associated extracellular matrix structure

Fig. 5

Effect of type I (Col I) and type III (Col III) collagens on proliferation and migration of primary human iCCA cell cultures. a Cell proliferation was evaluated by MTS assay after 72 h of treatment and expressed as percentage value compared to Polystyrene used as control (100%). Representative phase contrast photographs are shown. b Cell migration was evaluated at 7 days of cultivation by calculating the percentage of covered area (percentage of migration, %). Representative phase contrast photographs at day 7 are shown; dotted white lines indicate the initial area available to cells at time 0. All data represent mean ± SD of N = 5 independent experiments. *p < 0.05 vs. Polystyrene (Control); ^p < 0.05 Col I vs. Col III

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