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Table 1 Confidence levels for the ten phosphoprotein abundances assessed by reverse phase protein array

From: The impact of ultraviolet- and infrared-based laser microdissection technology on phosphoprotein detection in the laser microdissection-reverse phase protein array workflow

Akt S4730.8857
cAbl T7350.4857
EGFR Y10680.4857
Erb2 Y12480.6857
Erbb3 Y12890.4000
ERK1/2 T202/Y2040.7000
p70s6 T3890.3429
PDGFR Y7510.0571
Rb S7800.4857
Ret Y9050.0286*
  1. The asterisk (*) indicates significant difference (p < 0.05) in rank orders determined by a non-parametric Mann–Whitney U Test between matched ultraviolet laser microdissection (UV LMD) and infrared laser capture microdissection (IR LCM) collections of tumor epithelial cells from four high grade serous ovarian cancer patients. The ERK1/2 pT202/pY204 in the UV LMD enriched Patient 1 sample was measured at complete signal saturation (150,000 RFU), thus the Mann–Whitney p-value reported for ERK pT202/pY204 was calculated only using Patients 2–4