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Table 2 Pearson and Spearman correlations for all phosphoprotein abundances assessed by reverse phase protein array

From: The impact of ultraviolet- and infrared-based laser microdissection technology on phosphoprotein detection in the laser microdissection-reverse phase protein array workflow

 Pearson r-valuep-valueSpearman’s Rho
Patient 10.98679.794E−110.9852
Patient 20.93932.838E−070.9941
Patient 30.84596.213E−050.9934
Patient 40.98473.423E−090.9216
  1. Pearson correlation coefficients (r-values) and associated p-values from a two-tailed Student t-distribution are reported for all phosphoprotein abundances (n = 10 for Patients 2–4; n = 9 for Patient 1) from each patient (n = 4) measured by RPPA after ultraviolet laser microdissection (UV LMD) and infrared laser capture microdissection (IR LCM). The ERK1/2 pT202/pY204 in the UV LMD enriched Patient 1 sample was measured at complete signal saturation (150,000 RFU) and was therefore excluded from these calculations