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Table 4 Proteins enriched in alveoli

From: Laser capture microdissection coupled mass spectrometry (LCM-MS) for spatially resolved analysis of formalin-fixed and stained human lung tissues

Gene symbol; name Log2 fold-change FDR
CAH4; carbonic anhydrase 5.11 1.22E−15
ACSL5; long-chain-fatty-acid CoA ligase 5 4.50 6.11E−13
AMPE; aminopeptidase A 4.37 1.04E−09
AQP4; aquaporin-4 4.32 1.65E−14
RAGE; advanced glycosylation end product-specific receptor 4.24 7.52E−14
ABCA3; ATP-binding cassette sub-family A member 3 4.19 1.65E−14
K2C7; cytokeratin-7 4.12 1.65E−14
K1C18; cytokeratin-18 3.90 1.65E−14
PCAT1; LPC acyltransferase 1 3.80 1.65E−14
K1C19; cytokeratin-19 3.75 4.17E−05