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Table 2 Clinical and iTRAQ labeling details of the samples employed for quantitative proteomic profiling

From: Quantitative proteomics for identifying biomarkers for Rabies

  Sample ID Age/Sex Diagnosis iTRAQ labels Post Exposure Prophylaxis Information of Dog bite
1. 06/B167 45/M Normal 113 Nil Nil
2. 06/B172 35/M Normal 114 Nil Nil
3. A29/02 11/M Non-vaccinated encephalitic rabies 115 Nil Nil
4. A5/08 28/M Non-vaccinated encephalitic rabies 116 Nil 1 month before death
5. A8/04 70/M Non-vaccinated paralytic rabies 117 Nil 2.5 month before death
6. A61/03 35/M Non-vaccinated paralytic rabies 118 Nil 2 yrs before death
7 A86/03 30/M Vaccinated rabies 119 Vaccinated 2 months before death
8 A31/08 28/M Vaccinated rabies 121 Vaccinated Right thumb, 20 days