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Figure 1

From: Cancer prevention trial of a synergistic mixture of green tea concentrate plus Capsicum (CAPSOL-T) in a random population of subjects ages 40-84

Figure 1

2-D gel-western blot images of patients 7 (ovarian cancer), 26 (non-small cell lung cancer), 104 (cervical cancer), and 108 (bladder cancer). Isoelectric focusing was in the first dimension, pH range 3 to 5 shown, with sodium dodecyl sulfate gel electrophoresis in the second dimension with comparisons to a standard reference α-fetuin (R). The initial blots are on the left for each pair where the tissue of origin-specific transcript variant proteins are indicated by arrows. Sera analyzed from the same patients post Capsol-T® intervention are shown on the right. R = α-fetuin reference protein common to all non-cancer and cancer patient sera. Molecular weights, isoelectric points and patient information are provided in Table 3.

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