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Figure 1

From: Plasticity of fibroblasts demonstrated by tissue-specific and function-related proteome profiling

Figure 1

Proteins which are found in all kinds of fibroblasts. Based on the proteome profiles of skin, bone marrow (BM), lung and liver fibroblasts in different functional states, a semi-quantitative assessment of selected proteins in these cells was performed using the corresponding emPAI values (see Methods). The emPAI values for all sub-cellular fractions are visualized by colored cell symbols, increased color intensities corresponding to increased protein abundances. Con, non-activated control cells; +IL-1β, IL-1β treated cells; Cyt, cytoplasmic fraction; SN, cell supernatant; Nuc, nuclear fraction; NHLF, normal human lung fibroblasts; MM, derived from multiple myeloma patients; HCC, derived from hepatocellular carcinoma patients.

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