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Table 1 A summary of proteomic studies published on healthy and osteoarthritis synovial fluid

From: Proteomic analysis of human osteoarthritis synovial fluid

  Synovial fluid used (Healthy/Osteoarthritis) Method Mass spectrometer used Number of proteins identified Publication
1 Healthy/Osteoarthritis In-gel digestion LCQ DECA XP 135 Gobezie, R et al., 2007[3]
2 Osteoarthritis Depletion of albumin & IgG, IEF, In-gel digestion XCT Ultra Ion trap 108 Sohn, DH et al., 2012[19]
3 Healthy/Osteoarthritis 2D-DIGE - 66 Ritter, SY et al., 2013[20]
4 Healthy/Osteoarthritis Ultrafiltration and solid phase extraction LTQ XL-Orbitrap 40 Kamphorst, JJ et al., 2007[17]
5 Osteoarthritis Depletion of albumin & IgG, 2-DE - 18 Yamagiwa, H et al., 2003[16]
6 Healthy/Osteoarthritis IEF, 2D-DIGE - 12 Wang, Q et al., 2012[18]
7 Osteoarthritis Protein chip array SELDI-TOF-MS 4 de Seny, D et al., 2011[21]