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Table 2 Summary of the GANN parameters

From: A simpler method of preprocessing MALDI-TOF MS data for differential biomarker analysis: stem cell and melanoma cancer studies

Parameter Setting
Population size 300
Chromosome size 20 features
Chromosome Encoding Real-number representation
Fitness Function The total number of correctly labelled samples
Selection Tournament, tournament size = 2
ANN architecture 20-2-2
ANN size 48 nodes including 4 bias nodes
ANN learning algorithm Feedforward
ANN activation function Tanh
Crossover operator Single-point, Pc = 0:5
Mutation operator Pm = 0:1
Elitism strategy Retain N-1 chromosomes in the population, where N is the total number of chromosomes in the population
Evaluation size 80000
Whole cycle repeat 5000