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Figure 3

From: Morphological changes in diabetic kidney are associated with increased O-GlcNAcylation of cytoskeletal proteins including α-actinin 4

Figure 3

Immunohistochemical analysis of cytoskeletal proteins by confocal laser scanning microscope. Localization of actin, α-actinin 4, myosin, and α-tubulin in glomeruli (1) and tubules (2). 1) Although the intensity of immunoreactivity of α-tubulin did not change, that of immunoreactivity of actin, α-actinin 4 and myosin was increased in the diabetic glomerulus. 2) Whereas the intensity of immunoreactivity of actin and myosin did not change, that of immunoreactive α-actinin 4 was increased and that of immunoreactive α-tubulin were decreased in the diabetic tubules. Scale bars, 1)-A, 50 μm, 2)-A, 20 μm.

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