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Figure 4

From: Serum biomarkers of Burkholderia mallei infection elucidated by proteomic imaging of skin and lung abscesses

Figure 4

Identification of the bacterial protein GroEL from infected Chlorocebus aethiops lung tissue. (A) Total protein coverage attained for GroEL from LC-MS/MS data generated from the LCM tryptic digestion. The peptide sequence YVASGMNPMDLK is boxed in red. (B) CID MSMS spectra of 1356.6, which matched GroEL peptide YVASGMNPMDLK, with a mass deviation of −1.8 ppm. (C) Fragment b and y ions that matched predicted b and y ions are highlighted in blue and red, respectively. Graphed below is the observed mass deviation from predicted mass for each matched fragment ion.

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