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Figure 4

From: Identification of sialylated glycoproteins from metabolically oligosaccharide engineered pancreatic cells

Figure 4

Verification of protein expression in pancreatic cancer and matched nontumorous pancreas tissues using IHC. (A) Increased expression of LAMP1 in pancreatic tumor: (i) H&E staining of nontumorous pancreas duct, (ii) low expression of LAMP in matched nontumorous pancreas ductal cells, (iii) H&E staining of pancreatic tumors, and (iv) overexpression of LAMP in pancreatic tumor. (B) Increased expression of ORP150 in pancreatic cancer tissue as compared to matched nontumorous pancreas duct: (i) H&E staining of pancreas tumor and adjacent nontumorous pancreas duct, (ii) IHC of nontumorous pancreas duct versus pancreatic tumor, (iii) a high power view of adjacent nontumorous pancreas duct, and (iv) A high power view of a pancreatic tumor. The blue arrows indicate the nontumorous pancreas ductal cells, and red arrows indicate pancreatic tumor cells.

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