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Figure 5

From: Comparative proteomic analysis of hypertrophic chondrocytes in osteoarthritis

Figure 5

Enriched GO network groups using ClueGO. Biological processes (GO category) of the identified over- and under-synthesized proteins in our experimental dataset were visualized with ClueGO (kappa score ≥ 0.3) as a functional grouped network and only the most significant interactions are shown. Each node represents a biological process. Edges represent connections between the nodes and the length of each edge reflects the relatedness of two processes. The specific functional terms that were used to generate the network in Cytoscape resulted from the comparison of the two clusters (OA and controls; see Methods). The most significant parent or child term per group is shown in the ClueGO grouped network as a group title (A. Cellular component disassembly; B. Translation; C. Intracellular transport). The enrichment significance of the GO terms is reflected by the size of the nodes. Node color, represents the class that they belong. Mixed coloring means that the specific node belongs to multiple classes. Ungrouped terms are not shown.

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