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Fig. 1

From: Proteins from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded prostate cancer sections that predict the risk of metastatic disease

Fig. 1

Summary of proteins identified by 2DE, Gel-MS/MS, and LC–MS/MS of radical prostatectomy sections. For Gel-MS/MS, total protein samples extracted from FFPE tissue were separated by 1DE and each lane was sliced horizontally into 30–35 slices. Proteins in each slice were trypsin digested and the resulting peptide mixtures analysed by MALDI TOF/TOF. For LC–MS/MS, total protein extracted from FFPE tissue was reduced, alkylated, and trypsin digested. Digests were then separated in triplicate by HPLC using a TEMPO LC-MALDI spotter system. Eluted peptides (16 s intervals) were mixed on-line with CHCA matrix and spotted for TOF/TOF analysis

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