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Table 1 Operational characteristics of the Simple Plex device in comparison with peer immunoassay systems

From: A microfluidic multiplex proteomic immunoassay device for translational research

Method ELISA Bio Plex Multi-array Simple Plex
Manufacturer Bio-Techne BioRad Mesoscale discovery ProteinSimple
Number of analytes Single analyte Up to 100 anaytes Up to 12 analytes Up to 8 analytes
Format 96-well plate 96-well plate 96-well plate Cartridge pre-filled with reagents
Detection Absorbance Fluorescence Electrochemiluminescence Fluorescence
Capacity (# samples/run) 96 96 96 16
Assay time 4–6 h/run 4-6 h/run 4-6 h/run 1.5 h/run
Level of automation (low, medium, high) Low Medium Medium High
Volume needed 600 µLa 25 µL 25 µL 25 µL
  1. aMinimal volume needed to perform 4 ELISAs for measurement of IL-1β, TNF-α, IL-6, and IL-10 in singleton